Overcome your greatest housing service challenges

Tailored software designed to match the way you work

Whether you're trying to integrate systems, introduce new revenue streams, or improve property standards through accreditation, localpad can be customised to help you achieve your goals.

  • Integrates with your existing software
  • Adapts to your processes and workflows
  • Eliminates or automates laborius tasks
  • Visually designed using your own branding
Bespoke Software

Enhance your organisation's public image

Take advantage of the latest in housing service provision

Complete Management

Your clients' expectations are higher now than they were just 5 years ago. With an increase in always-on services and the wide adoption of self-service tools, clients expect accessible and timely services.

localpad allows you to deliver an up-to-date, online and user-friendly housing solution that can make instant improvements to your organisation's service provision and reputation.

  • Present your organisation as highly user-oriented
  • Provide clients and staff with a 1st class solution
  • Enhance your organisation's overall public image

Unparalleled levels of flexibility, access and security

Enjoy secure on-demand access to a fully-hosted platform

Councils, housing associations, and the NHS are increasingly turning to cloud-based platforms to deliver cost efficiency, flexibility, and enhanced security. localpad is fully online, requiring no installation, and can be securely accessed 24/7 from any device.

  • Reduce costs and reliance on your organisation's IT
  • No requirement for lengthy updates or costly upgrades
  • Securely access your service any-time from anywhere
Web Based Software

Save time and money with improved workflows

localpad automates time-consuming, mundane activities


Our focus on usability, informed by extensive experience working with a diverse user base, makes localpad easy and enjoyable.

It streamlines tasks, saving time and money while enhancing user experience for teams and service users.

localpad users unlock improved service quality, higher staff satisfaction, and increased engagement, as proven across 20 councils, housing associations and NHS organisations.

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