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May 7, 2018

Preventing Homlessness with Localpad

One challenge that many councils throughout the UK face on a daily basis is homelessness or tenants who live in temporary accommodation. Localpad's tailor-made solutions can help with preventing the issue before it emerges or reduce the need for short-term, interim housing.

The newly launched initiative offers local authorities customised versions of the Localpad platform that facilitate access to private rented sector properties and provide tools for managing landlord accreditation and housing schemes. How do we achieve this? Improving access to quality, available, suitable private sector properties. Another important aspect is increasing property standards

One of our customers set up their own highly successful rating scheme based on Localpad. It heavily focuses on improving standards and encouraging greater customer choice. Our web-based software facilitates designing and implementing customised platforms to tackle exactly these sorts of tasks in ultimately preventing homelessness successfully. 


In this way Localpad can make a real difference in the daily work of local authorities in the domain of housing. Our services and products use data to facilitate the renting process between all stakeholders while staying on top of current trends (e.g. access via mobile devices). The numbers for the our latest accreditation scheme speak for themselves:


- Over 1500 properties and 600 landlords registered within first 12 Months

- Over 7,000 visitors to the site since launching

- Delivering an accessible service; over 50% of visitors used their mobile or tablet

For more information about Localpad and its potential to help your council or housing organisation with preventing homelessness visit our main website, You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Photo by Tom Thain on Unsplash

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