case study

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council and localpad

Rent Well in Sandwell
Improving property standards and expanding customer choice

Over 5,000 visitors to the site since launching
Delivering an accessible service - 50% of visitors used their mobile or tablet
Easy to recognise and interpret five star rating scheme
Engaging with landlords to build positive relationships and improve standards

In 2018,  Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council with Localpad launched their own highly successful, online accreditation scheme, heavily focused on improving standards and encouraging greater customer choice to ensure the private rented sector meets the needs of residents.

Why Accreditation?

The private rented sector within the Sandwell area, as elsewhere, is growing, particularly the number of individual landlords with small portfolios. As a result, increasing and maintaining housing standard is key, especially as this sector is an important resource for housing vulnerable residents and homeless people in the area.


They use a five star rating system, to rate the landlords and their properties. The rating is based on completion of the self-assessment survey. They originally chose to only advertise properties which were rated 3 stars and above. In order to launch the scheme they organised a landlord engagement event with speakers, attention grabbing marketing and an interactive presentation.

Modified to meet changes in Strategy

As the scheme expanded, they decided the hold back the rating in order to engage with more landlords, whilst at the same time recording if a property is accredited with The Midland Landlord Accreditation Scheme (MLAS) to maintain standards.

Allow customers to Self-Serve

Customers browse the modern, branded, mobile-ready property advertising site using the latest search tools, receive
new property alerts and access advice.
Landlords can use the property management tools, reporting tools and view property viewing statistics with ease.
This free service for landlords and tenants increases engagement, improves property standards and provides a portal to promote and manage private rented properties across the area.

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